If you are in the market for a VPN product look no further than ExpressVPN, NordVPN or Surfshark. Even though I use one of these products, the reason for mentioning them is that Zerodium is offering Windows security researchers up to $2.5m for zero-day vulnerabilities that relate to IP address…

Financial regulators need to improve how they handle topics raised by the general public against institutions they are expected to regulate. Their role shouldn’t be seen as simply transposing documents from the EU inbox to the Maltese outbox.

As a regulator they need to be able to take a harsh…

Dan l-artikolu jiddiskuti l-liġijiet tal-kera inġusti. Biex tiffamiljarizza ruħek mas-suġġett u tifhem kif grupp ta’ ċittadini qed jiġu immirati b’mod inġust mill-Gvern ta’ Malta, żuru l-paġna https://www.alanbonnici.com/2021/06/il-ligi-ingusta-tal-kera-fmalta.html.

Fil-5 ta’ Ġunju l-Ministru għall-Akkomodazzjoni Soċjali, Roderick Galdes, ftaħar li mill-2017 sa dak inhar in-numru ta’ nies fuq talba ghal Akkomodazjoni Soċjali naqas…

This article discusses the unfair rent laws. To familiarize yourself with the topic and understand how a group of citizens are being unfairly targeted by the Government of Malta head over to https://www.alanbonnici.com/2021/06/maltas-unjust-rent-laws.html

Source: Photo: DOI

On the 5th of June, Social Housing Minister Roderick Galdes proudly reported that since 2017 the number…

The Government of the Republic of Malta, a member state of the European Union, is unfairly targeting a small group of citizens by forcing them to rent out their properties at below market rates. Below is the opinion of the European Court in the Case of Buttigieg and Others v…

This article is a revision of Understanding PowerShell’s ExecutionPolicy and Scope functionality — Unblock-File approach. In this article additional code and other commands are explored

If you get the error below when you attempt to run a PowerShell script it is because PowerShell has a safety feature that is preventing your scripts from running

At https://www.alanbonnici.com/2021/04/understanding-powershells.html is an article that explains how to manage PowerShell’s ExecutionPolicy functionality using the Set-Execution cmdlet.

Chris A. Bonnici

30+ years' experience in the field of IT in the Financial (Insurance / Banking), Services and Education industries.

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