Why was LinkedIn reading user’s clipboard?

It is disappointing to discover that LinkedIn have been looking up peoples clipboard even when it is not active. The official explanation given is dry and needs much more explaining.

People use their clipboard to store sensitive data such as passwords in password managers and other sensitive exchanges. There could be sensitive medical data and other GDPR information.

LinkedIn is the organization that promotes itself as being for professionals. This behaviour is very unprofessional.

LinkedIn MUST answer the following questions:

1. Was this behaviour only in IOS or is it universal.

2. This is not a bug, this is a function. What was the justification for such a behaviour in the first place?

3. How long has his function been present on user’s devices?

4. How did it make its way to the production version of the software?

5. What was the endpoint for the clipboard data? Was it stored, was it analysed?, how long was it retained.

6. What is LinkedIn doing to ensure that there are no other “hidden functions” installed in their client facing systems?

7. What controls will LinkedIn implement to make sure that this will not happen again?

Microsoft, the owner of LinkedIn has made its millions based on the trust of millions of professionals. Discoveries such as this can permanently ruin its corporate reputation.



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Chris A. Bonnici

Chris A. Bonnici


30+ years' experience in the field of IT in the Financial (Insurance / Banking), Services and Education industries.